Saturday, January 2, 2010

Milk Glass---many questions.

One area of collecting I have yet to remotely conquer is milk glass. I remember going to an estate sale in the Hollywood area and purchased numerous pieces of milk glass tumblers for 50 cents a piece. I was proud of my find, and felt as if I discovered a hidden treasure chest. My balloon was deflated when I did my research and realized that I paid exactly what the items were worth. Milk glass is an opaque or translucent milky white or colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes. The quality and range of value varies so much with milk glass that I recommed that one familiarize themselves with varieties of such before investing any substantial amount of money. These companies all made milk glass that is widely collected today.
Kanawha Glass Co.
Fenton Glass Company
Fostoria Glass Company
Imperial Glass Company
Mosser Glass
Westmoreland Glass Company

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